Anti-Rust Spray Epoxy Brunox - 400ml

  • Volumn: 400ml
  • Remove rust
  • Priming paint




  • Penetrate stronger to 7-10 times into rusty holes than any normal detergent
  • Remove any scratches
  • Remove most common rust
  • Can be stored without time or environment restriction
  • Does not contain any heavy metals or acids
  • Easy to handle thanks to its special features
  • This is the leading product recommended by experts
  • Production: Switzerland imported to Vietnam

How to use:

  • Clean by sandblasting or brush
  • Apply Epoxy Brunox twice if using a brush and 3-4 times if using a spray

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  • Do not wash or sand afterwards
  • After completely drying, apply other coatings

Spray bottles are more convenient and suitable for those who are not professional

Check out this cool video about the product here: