BRUNOX I-K filler 400ml

  • Compatible filler & holding primer between BRUNOX@ epoxy@ and top- coat.
  • Compatible with water-based, air- drying acrylic, synthetic-resin & nitro-combi paints.
  • Matt light-grey colour. Dust dry after 20min. Sandable after 2-4 hours.
  • Better corrosion protection. Levels the smallest unevennesses. Reduces the use of the top coat.
  • Guarantees quick covering of light- coloured paints.
  • Provides improved gloss results on the top coat.
  • Product size: 400ml



BRUNOX I-K filler is an acrylic filler & holding primer. It is used to prime and prefinish metal surfaces. The producr was designed specifically as a filler & holding primer between epoxy and the top coat.

BRUNOX I-K filler improves the corrosion protection properties and forms an undercoat with very good adhesive properties. It has very good flow-out properties and is quick-drying. Moreover, BRUNOX I-K filler has very good filling properties, levels out the smallest unevennesses, reduces top coat consumption, and thus achieves improved gloss results on the top coat.

How to use:

  1. Surfaces that are to be left untreated must be covered up; do not spray onto synthetic resin vamishes.
  2. BRUNOX I-K filler is applied to the entire surface.
  3. Shake the can for 3 minutes. Test application of spray. Spraying distance approx 25 cm.
  4. Spray on a thin coating.
  5. Sandable after 2—4 hours. If small indentations or porous areas of filler paste are visible, level off the subsurface by repeating the application and sanding process several times. Sand down the surface using a 400-grit emery paper or 600-grit Scotchbrite. Clean the surface with compressed air.
  6. Brunox I-K filler can be coated with water-based paints as well as with air-drying acrylic, synthetic-resin & nitro-combi paints.
    • Dust dry after 20 minutes;
    • Touch-proof after 30 minutes
    • Sandable after 2—4 hours.