Brunox IX100 High-Tech Corrosion Protection Sealing 300ml

  • Corrosion protection sealing
  • Wax-like compact and unbreakable protective film
  • Effective protection against environmental influences
  • Ideal for conservation of sensitive metal parts for in- and outside storage
  • Easily removable with Brunox Turbo Spray
  • Product size: 300ml



BRUNOX IX 100 forms a High-Tec –anti-corrosive waxy film for metal products and machines under difficult environmental conditions. It is suitable for the most corrosive environments (salt water) and for the direct effect of adverse weather conditions. The wax-like protective film does not become brittle, remains compact and forms a perfect high-quality sealing. It can be used as cable end sealer and pipe joint protector in utilities. BRUNOX IX 100 can be removed by means of white spirit or petroleum solvents or BRUNOX TURBO SPRAY when protection is no longer required.