Brunox Lub&cor high-tech corrosion protection 100ml

  • All-weather lubricant & high-tech corrosion protection agent for trade, industry and sports equipment.
  • Free of silicone, PTFE, graphite and nanoceramic particles. No resinifying!
  • Guaranteed lubricating properties to -41*C. Layer thickness 5-20 mm.
  • Very good corrosion protection. Long lubrication intervals. Dirt & water- repellent. Available in aerosol.
  • Brilliant long-term corrosion protection: Indoors 3 years; covered 1 Year; outdoors 5 months.
  • 4 times corrosion protection test winner. NSF H2 – certified.
  • Unit size: 100ml

170,000 150,000


BRUNOX LUB&COR BULK is a non-hardening High-Tec-two-function-product, which can be used wherever long-lasting lubrication and reliable corrosion protection is required. It forms a very compact, non-hardening anti-corrosive film, which also provides complete cover into corners and edges. BRUNOX LUB&COR BULK also lubricates under enormous surface pressure. BRUNOX LUB&COR BULK can be removed with cleaning materials (tensides) when protection is no longer required.


  • BRUNOX LUB&COR is thixotropic, therefore it must be shaken well before it is used. Apply uniformly to the dry surface’ by brush, airless or air pressure gun.
  • The applied layer thickness should be about 5 to 20 pm, i.e. per litre about 20 to 40 m2 surface can be treated.
  • BRUNOX LUB&COR can be removed after successful protection with a detergent, such as anionic surfactants.
  • If the surface is slightly moist, we recommend a prior treatment with BRUNOX TURBO-SPRAY.
  • Spray into all crevices and corners so that the moisture is expelled; any
    other water just rolls off. Then, with a rag, wipe off the BRUNOX TURBO-SPRAY layer and apply BRUNOX LUB&COR

Expert Approved:

NSF H2 certificate No. 147700 bulk

– Lubricity according to Brugger IDIN 51347:55.0 N/mm2

3 times award winner in corrosion protection 2013:

  • Caliber, issue: 1/2013
  • MESSER MAGAZIN, issue: 6/2013
  • DIE WAFFENKULTUR, issue: 1212013