Brunox Lubri-Food Lubricant for Food processing machines 400ml

  • Brunox lubri food ‘400 ml lubricant
  • With corrosion
  • Lubricant, Corrosion Protection, penetrating oil cleaning liquid,
  • Optimal for knives
  • Works for: high-tech branded product is not produced Verharzt from corrosion registered materials.



– BRUNOX® Lubri-Food® is for occasional, technically unavoidable contact with food, beverages & cosmetics.

Protective film: BRUNOX®  Lubri-Food® forms a very efficient lubricating film, which displaces moisture and offers long lasting operations.

Penetrating properties: BRUNOX®  Lubri-Food®  is a lubricant, penetrating oil, preservative and service spray for the maintenance and care of hunting knifes. It is used in food production, in packaging, bottling, in cosmetics and pharmaceutical companies, healthcare, hospitality and hotel industry, in agriculture, and in the machinery industry in these sectors.


  • NSF H1 certified
  • SVGW/SSIGE certified
  • Free of vegetable and animal fats odourless / tasteless
  • Does not contain silicone / PTFE / graphite or acids
  • Area of application: -20 °C up to +155 °C