Feiyu Vimble 2 - 1 year warranty

The Feiyu Vimble 2 is a perfect combination of selfie sticks and Gimbal anti-vibration sticks.

✔ Specially designed for phones.

✔ A unique gimbal that incorporates an tripod anti-vibration motor with a selfie stick that can spans 18cm allowing you to rotate wider angles.

✔ Equipped with additional features to track moving objects, Feiyu Vimble 2 will automatically follow to make sure the object is not outside the frame.

✔ Built-in zoom button on the handle.

✔ Can operate up to 10 hours.

✔ According to reviews, Feiyu Vimble 2 works stably at a reasonable price.

Warranty 1 year, 1 for 1.

2,500,000 1,600,000


Extensions utility for great filming

The newly added 18cm extension bar will bring more fun when taking selfies and taking group photos. It gives wider frames and beautiful scenery can be framed easily.

Connecting your gimbal with the Vicool app, and repeatedly clicking the function button three times, then your smartphone camera lens will switch between the back and front quickly.

* Smart and creative smartphone

* Quickly change the shooting direction from horizontal to vertical.

* Easily adapt by itself in different scenes.

* Have a better experience when taking selfies and participating in live shows.


Bluetooth shooting button

Two solutions to control smartphones from Vimble 2

The operation of the bluetooth shooting button is fully upgraded. Through bluetooth connection between the smartphone and Vimble 2, Vimble 2 can control the smartphone camera with the shooting button, and Vicool App allows for more amazing activities.

Photography adjustment on smartphone – Face tracking

Photography adjustment on smartphone — Tracking object
Just a slight touch to the screen to lock the focus, and it can achieve the following intelligence with deep simulation to ensure the focus is not outside the frame.

Integrated zoom slider in handling, making it not only easier in operation but also more professional in production

New trigger button with quick setting function. You can have your hands free during shooting. Press and hold to lock quickly, release to enter the previous working mode.

Longer working time

The working time is 5 hours for Vimbel 2. If including sleep time, it can work 10 hours. Built-in Micro USB port allows you to charge the gimbal with a power bank helping you shooting as long as you want.

Self-adjusting controls

The self-adjusts algorithm control the smartphone balance reduction when installing. Slide the handle to adjust and balance quickly. Gradually shut down when the power is turned off to protect your smartphone better .

Flexible, convenient and multifunctional



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