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After months of waiting, the gimbal Ronin-S has finally arrived at, which has been expecting by a lot of users. This is a gimbal camera that promises to bring high quality features of the previous bulky products into a compact design that can be held with one hand.

DJI Ronin-S is the first gimbal of DJI for DSLR and Mirrorless. This is the trump card to compete with with Zhiyun Crane 2, which is popular both around the world and Vietnam. This device can be used with medium-sized cameras such as Canon’s 5D series, Nikon’s D8XX series or smaller. With mirrorless cameras, this device is optimized for Panasonic’s GH and Sony Alpha cameras in general.

DJI state that it’s easier and faster to put on the gimbal than its rivals. DJI also equips the Ronin-S with PUSH-MODE mode, controlled by the Ronin application on the phone. This mode allows you to switch from standard to Pan or tilt without having to turn off the gimbal system like before.

The Ronin application is also designed to control Ronin-S smarter, coordinate and handle complex camera movements. The listed modes include CamAnchor, Panorama and Hyperlapse, ActiveTrack, etc. Specially, Ronin-S can be disassembled both the gimbal and the body. You can attach the input part in the Jib or the remote – control car to taking videos of the lower corners.

One of the first innovative points of Ronin-S is its ROW axis structure. It does not obscure the camera screen like the Crane 2, so devices with rotating screens can be used flexibly and users can look at complicated angles.

Another value point: DJI Focus system. This unit acts as a pull focus, helping you adjust the sharpness on the gimbal body without touching the camera, supporting to reduce vibration and do not affect recording.


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