Yunteng 1288 stick



Professional shooting stick with remote YT1288 (Black) is a high-end selfie stick with a maximum length up to 1.4m and a wider angle for you to enjoy beautiful frames.

The body of the stick is extremely robust and anti-rotating, and can be used for phones of 6 inches or less, not to mention cameras. Moreover, the product comes with a high-end remote bluetooth controller. This is a very popular product line in Asian market.

Professional photo shoot stick with remote YT1288 (Black) with 2 in 1 feature: can be used for both camera and phone, and can bear weight up to 500 gram, the product will surely bring you great experience.

Products using Bluetooth Remote, which can be mounted on sticks or easily disassembled. Bluetooth Remote uses an internal rechargeable battery that can be charged easily and quickly without having to replace the battery like other types of expensive Remote. Furthermore, it can be used with all iPhone and Android phones (even be with Windows phone 10), not being picky like other camera sticks or bluetooth remotes on the market.

Professional shooting stick with remote YT1288 (Black) is made from high quality anti-rust material, which is sturdy and luxury. In the YT-1288 kit, there is also an additional phone case with size of 5.5-8cm (This frame can be changed according to the manufacturing line), which is compatible with devices from 3.5 inch to 5.8 inch such as iphone 5, 6, 6 Plus, galaxy Note 3, 4, M8, …



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