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G5 GS Gimbal for Sony cameras

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Tripod anti-vibration Gimbal G5 GS developed for Sony action camcorders, lets look into this baby:
Splash proof
The waterproof design of the gimbal device allows its users to be at ease when shooting in the rain.
It is designed for Sony action cams, and is compatible with SONY AS50 / X3000
 Speed charging
The charging software has been upgraded and G5 GS’s direct charging performance is double that of the previous generation.
✔ Up to 7 hours working time
G5 GS uses 22650 batteries allowing it to work up to 7 hours.
Unlimited 360* rotating
The application of the slip ring motor for the rotating shaft and tilt axis makes the 2-axis rotation perform its 360 ° without limits
Accurate industrial design
Through the precise industrial design of FeiyuTech style, the gimbal body comes with metal and silicone material handles, which are powerful in function and comfortable to hold.
Auto rotation motion
Allowing you to focus your time on record beautiful videos that are hard to detect in real time. Using the G5 GS auto-rotate function, you can capture more dynamic images without other heavy equipment and therefore, can experience the fun moments of using mobile phones.
Quick balance adjustment, saving you time and effort
Adjusting balance through fixed sliding plate, making it easy and time-saving in one step.
Motor with multiple torque, improving its stability
The motor torque has been increased by 30%, allowing the gimbal to resist more external forces during shooting
 New generation core
The system algorithm has been Refactored with new high-performance chips, making the engine much stable and improved. Automatic calibration is consistent with the power, the use of the process does not generate excess power, saving energy and efficiency. is the official representative of #GoPro in Vietnam.

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